When a young American asserts that she or he will become a film director, it is almost sure that she or he has been stimulated by films like ET or Thema and Louise, Forrest Gump or The Shawshank Redemption. It would be really weird that she/he affirmed that her/his decision was taken trying to follow the mysterious characters of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive or those from Jarmusch’s  Stranger than Paradise. No one, by the way, would enjoy  being the parents of this marvelous creature. The early vocations prefer the simplest matter of life: how we the humans, beyond all kind of conflicts, learn to like or love the other. Young Argentine wannabe filmmaker are very lucky in that sense . They have a master on those simple human relations that are behind every great film.  The apparently unpretentious Marcos Carnevale is a definitive paradigm for every young film dreamer in Argentina.  He perfectly knows to touch everyone’s hearts and minds at the most communicative level.

MDC’s Tower Theater has always been aware of Mr. Carnevale’s truthful and warm glance to human beings. From Elsa and Fred to Anita, from Anita to Heart of a Lion, all his international feats have been popular milestones in the theater programs. Filmmakers like Carnevale ensure not only the appropriate generational change of baton in their native country, but also the enjoyment of all persons that consider the film experience as one of the fountains for personal growth and genuine entertainment.

Two Argentinean filmmakers with the same story-telling physiognomy than Mr. Carnevale have each surprised the world with two Foreign Language Oscars. It would not be a senseless omen to think that, after the Precious Gem Award that Miami Film Festival is giving to him at this GEMS Fest edition, he may become, the next Argentinean to win an Oscar.  – Orlando Rojas

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MARCOS will be Attending GEMS 2016!
Precious Gem Award: Marcos Carnevale
Saturday October 15th @ 7:00pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER (THEATER 1)